Why CSS ?

We are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner through our easy-to-use and insightful solutions. Our proprietary Cloud-Based ERP Software Solutions are tailor-made for small to medium enterprises that want to meet the growing demands of their business by adapting a progressive approach to new technologies.

growing demands of their business by adapting a progressive approach to new technologies.

Payroll Management Software

CSS Cloud-Based Payroll Software Solutions simplify employee salaries, incentives and compliances and bring more transparency in the payroll process. Equip HR with more powerful tools to manage your workforce with greater control.

Production Planning Software

CSS Online Production Planning Software Monitor the various production tasks under one roof and make optimization-centric changes on the basis of facts and data rather than ambiguous understanding.

Material Management Software

Keep a close eye on the transfer of materials between your manufacturer to your business and to your customers with CSS Inventory Management and Warehouse Management ERP Software. Identify supply chain impedances and financial leakages easily.

Financial Accounting Software

Share financial data between different departments seamlessly without worrying about human error using CSS Financial Accounting Software. Create and update records on the go, and make critical businesses decisions on the basis of detailed financial reports to encounter few hitches.

Anytime Access

CSS is a cloud-based ERP platform which means you can get started in a matter of minutes. You don’t even have to worry about software configuration, updates, or backups as everything is managed automatically.

Fully Modular, Pay As You Go Business Solutions

It isn’t just any ERP system, it’s one of the most reliable and innovative toolsets that many forward-thinking organizations use today. CSS Business Management Solutions are fully modular and with pay as you go option which ensures ease of running a business.

Key Features

The quality and quantity of features offered by CSS are simply unparalleled. Some of these are:

Customized Solutions

Our products are highly customizable. So, it doesn’t matter which sector is your business based in or what kind of requirements you have, you will be able to tailor our products as you see fit.

Cloud Based

Forget about setting up or installing all kinds of software. CSS helps you manage your organization’s key departments from a cloud-based service that requires no installation.


Enjoy state of the art services at prices that don’t hurt your cash flow.

Real-Time Data Insights

Monitor the performance of your business at all times with real-time reports and analytics.


All your business data is stored on the cloud and protected against in-house disruptions like malware attacks or hardware failures.

Accessible Anywhere

Use our ERP solutions from any location or device. Thus, working while traveling is both easy and simple.

Clean interface

Getting used to CSS tools doesn’t take long. The interface is simple and intuitive enough for both beginners and advanced users.


Our services are provided by incredibly powerful servers which mean you will rarely face performance issues.

Business 4.0 Is Just One Call Away

Don’t let the technologies of the previous generation hold you back. Contact us today to realize what CSS can do for your business!